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What to Expect from Art Therapy?


Do I need to be good at art?

You do not need to have any previous experience or expertise in art to take part

in, or benefit from, art therapy. It is not an art class and the aim is not

to increase your art skills or make finished pieces of art for exhibiting.

You will however need to be willing to use art materials to explore and

express your feelings.

How often do I see my therapist?

Art therapy takes place within a structured and confidential setting

and uses a variety of art materials to help people express themselves.

The duration of a 1:1 therapy usually lasts for 50 minutes per session

on a weekly basis. It meets at the same place, same time and same

day every week.

How long will I have art therapy for?

Your therapist will discuss with you the duration of therapy after the

initial assessment sessions. Regular attendance is an important part of

helping you. We ask you to arrive and leave on time, staying in the session for

the whole time if possible.

Can I keep my artwork?

We ask you to keep your artwork with the therapist for the duration of your therapy. However, you can take it with you at the end of the therapy. Otherwise, the artworks will be confidentially disposed of after therapy ends.


The content of therapy sessions remains confidential unless the therapist has serious concerns about a risk to the client. Artwork made during the therapy is stored safely and is only shown to other people with the permission of the client.


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